San Marcos Garden

Aguascalientes City

The San Marcos garden has become an unmissable place for families who gather to spend a moment of disconnection in a natural environment within the city or for exercise lovers who spend their mornings outdoors.

You will find different types of trees surrounding the paths that will guide you through the gardens and to the beautiful kiosk. A place where events are usually held accompanied by the fountain with multicolored lights.

This beautiful garden is used as the central stage for the San Marcos Fair.

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Barrios Tradicionales en Aguascalientes Barrio de San Marcos

Here the opening and closing ceremonies of the great event take place, the queens of the fair are presented and the following songs are performed

Las Mañanitas to the patron saint.

This fair is part of the aguacalentense tradition since 1828, when people attend to buy or sell livestock products. 

Today, you will find different activities such as zip lines, mechanical games, typical food of the region, bullfighting shows, live music, among many other things that you will discover only by attending this celebration.

Facts about the San Marcos Garden

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Its history began in 1842, when the town of San Marcos was incorporated as a neighborhood of the city of Aguascalientes.

In the same year of 1842, work began on the construction of the balustrade and trophies, made of quarry stone.

In 1887, four fountains were incorporated, located at each corner of the park. In the same way, ninety iron benches were installed, where passersby could rest and enjoy the vegetation of the place.

The kiosk located in the center, which is currently one of the most representative points of the garden, was inaugurated in 1891, the year in which twenty vases with columns and a water feature in the fountain were also added.

In 2009 the statues that can be found today in different parts of the garden were placed, representing different moments in the daily life of the people of this city.

The locals tell the legend of the ghost of a man who every day late at night, walks through the garden, prays at the doors of the church and then disappears.

And for many years there was a tradition that on Thursday afternoons the women would go for a walk in the garden turning to the right on the inside and the men with a bouquet of flowers would turn to the opposite side, so they could see all the women and men and if any of them were attracted by a woman they would give her a bouquet of flowers and they would sit and talk on the garden benches, this tradition began from the time of the Porfiriato until 1960.

The tradition of the garden is reflected in the mural of the National Fair of San Marcos, in the Government Palace, as well as other customs and traditions of the state.

The place was owned by the archdiocese of Guadalajara and was used for the tianguis that was held in the town of San Marcos a few days a week.

Several trees on the property were cared for by a woman named Madania María Montes, who paid the church $20 pesos a month as a tenant of the property, where she had a dark and dirty room.

So, in order to improve the view of the place, the Political Chief of the Department, Don José María López de Nava, asked the authorities to sell this land to turn it into a recreational center for the people.

So it was, and the sale was completed on March 3, 1831, for the amount of $400.00 pesos in favor of the City Council.

San Marcos Fair

The Fair of Mexico, as it is also known, is a showcase of the best of art and popular culture that offers fun activities for the whole family.

Concerts by internationally renowned artists, the most notable bullfighting and cattle exhibition in Latin America and an exciting casino are some of the attractions that, year after year, captivate millions of visitors.

Feria de San Marcos en Aguascalientes

Where the San Marcos Garden is located

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Aguascalientes is a destination with an interesting combination of charming natural surroundings, tradition and industrial development. 

Outstanding for its manufacturing industry, especially textile, electronics and automotive, the state capital has become one of the tourist destinations with the best range of services in the Mexican Bajio.