Tetela de Ocampo Magical Town | Where to Go and What to Do

Tetela de Ocampo Puebla
Magical Town

Where to Go & What to Do

Scattered clouds

Tetela de Ocampo is a privileged place for its impressive landscapes and history.

Between large hills such as Zotolo, Zoyayo and Coyoyo, lies an ancient town with colorful buildings and cobblestone streets that play with the clouds descending at minimal distances.

Everything revolves around the Plaza de la Constitución, a place that recalls the liberal vocation of the region. The history of Tetela can be learned by watching the murals that adorn the walls of the Municipal Palace.

There are two in the event hall: one resembles a codex explaining the creation of the town, the other narrates in high relief the Battle of Cinco de Mayo.

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Tetela de Ocampo Magical Town | Where to Go and What to Do

The spiritual center of this Magical Town is the Parish of Santa María de la Asunción, built in the 19th century. From its bell tower it is possible to have a 360 degree view of the landscape of hills and clouds.

Sunday is the ideal day to visit Tetela, since in its main square it is possible to find a large number of artisans offering their products.

Tetela shelters in its mountains extraordinary natural landscapes ranging from endless banks of fog, imposing canyons, gigantic waterfalls, crystal clear springs, lush forests, a variety of endemic flora and fauna.

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Top 10 Attractions

  1. Zócalo de Tetela de Ocampo - Monuments
  2. Battle of May 5th Mural at the Municipal Palace
  3. St. Mary of the Assumption Parish
  4. Posada Olayo House Museum
  5. Tres Juanes Museum
  6. Tlapalcalli House Museum
  7. La Cañada
  8. Cerro de los Frailes
  9. Aconco Waterfalls
  10. Acocomoca Grottoes

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Tetela is a Magical Town due to its impressive natural landscapes and history within the Battle of May 5, 1862.

In addition to the fact that it is located between large hills such as Zotolo, Zoyayo and Coyoyo where the clouds descend to minimum distances, here you can appreciate the Sea of Clouds.

Tetela de Ocampo has the decree of Three Times Heroic due to 3 historical events in which the inhabitants of this town participated in an outstanding way in defense of the homeland:

  • Battle of Puebla of May 5, 1862, being the first Mexicans to confront the French.
  • The Taking of Tetela of July 16, 1865 by the Austro-Hungarian Legion, a reinforcement of the French army.
  • The Battle of Zontecomapan of October 20, 1865 where 1300 Austrian soldiers were ambushed by 600 Mexican patriots under the command of Juan Francisco Lucas and Juan Crisóstomo Bonilla.

The 3 Juanes de la Sierra, the most famous characters of Tetela, were:

Juan N. Méndez and Juan Crisóstomo Bonilla, originally from Tetela and Juan Fráncicos Lucas from Comaltepec, who had commanded part of the battles against the invading army.

By Car: You must first get to Chignahuapan Puebla, and then take highway 148 south towards Tetela (Trip: 1 hour 10min).

By bus: 

  • There are only bus departures from the company ATAH to Tetela de Ocampo. from the CAPU terminal in Puebla City - (Approximate Cost: $280 pesos)

By Public Transportation from Chignahuapan there are buses every 45 minutes from the terminal. With an approximate cost of 50 pesos.

The meaning of the name Tetela de Ocampo comes from Nahuatl roots; tetl which means hill; tla which means abundance, so that the name means Abundance of Hills o Where there are tetels, or mounds containing buried treasures.

and De Ocampo as a tribute to the illustrious liberal politician Melchor Ocampo.

Where is Tetela de Ocampo Puebla located?

Distance Tetela and Other Cities

Distance in Km | Miles
Time in Hours
Tlaxcala City
119 Km | 74 Mi
2 Horas 20 Minutos
Puebla City
161 Km | 100 Mi
3 horas 5 Minutos
Pachuca Hidalgo
165 Km | 103 Mi
2 Horas 45 Minutos
Poza Rica Veracruz
206 km | 128 Mi
3 Horas 20 Minutos
Mexico City
237 km | 147 Mi
3 Horas 35 Minutos

From Tetela to other Magical Towns

Distance in Km | Miles
Time in Hours
Chignahuapan Puebla
50 km | 31 Mi
1 Hora 10 Minutos
Cuetzalan Puebla
64 km | 40 Mi
2 Horas 10 Minutos
Zacatlán Puebla
67 km | 42 Mi
1 Hora 35 Minutos
Tlatlauquitepec Puebla
80 km | 50 Mi
2 Horas 40 Minutos
Tlaxco Tlaxcala
90 km | 56 Mi
1 Hora 50 Minutos

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Marvel at the splendor of its elegant colonial buildings, streets and flavors that live up to its nickname "City Of the Angels".

A legend is responsible for this beautiful city being known as Puebla de los Angeles.