State Of Guerrero

Where to Go & What to Do

The state of Guerrero is a jewel of the Mexican Republic, its proximity to the center of the country, makes Guerrero one of the favorite vacation spots for the capital.

Its territory offers natural landscapes such as beaches, caves, archaeological sites, as well as historical buildings.

Guerrero's gastronomy is as rich as its culture, which combines pre-Hispanic and Spanish traditions. We recommend you try the pozole and jumiles.

Escudo Estado Guerrero Mexico

Major Cities in Guerrero

Acapulco Guerrero


Acapulco is a tourism icon, it became the first sun and beach destination to achieve international fame. 

In the 1950s, it was the vacation hideaway of Hollywood jet-setters and British royalty. Enjoy the beaches and cliffs of the bay.

Magical Towns of Guerrero

Other Tourist Destinations in Guerrero

chilpancingo guerrero


Iguala Guerrero


Archaeological Sites in Guerrero

Zona Arqueologica Cuetlajuchitlán Los Querende Guerrero

Cuetlajuchitlán (Los Querende)

Huitzuco, Guerrero

Zona Arqueologica Huamuxtitlán Guerrero


Huamuxtitlán, Guerrero

Zona Arqueologica Ixcateopan Guerrero


Ixcateopan, Guerrero

Zona Arqueologica La Organera Xochipala Guerrero

La Organera Xochipala

Eduardo Neri, Guerrero

Zona Arqueologica La Sabana Guerrero

La Sabana

Acapulco, Guerrero

Zona Arqueologica Palma Sola Guerrero

Palma Sola

Acapulco, Guerrero

Zona Arqueologica Soledad de Maciel Guerrero

Soledad de Maciel

Petatlán, Guerrero

Zona Arqueologica Tehuacalco Guerrero


Chilpancingo, Guerrero

Zona Arqueologica Teopantecuanitlán Guerrero


Copalillo, Guerrero

Where the State of Guerrero is located

Official Tourism Site

The state of Guerrero has some of Mexico's most famous beaches and covers a large stretch of the Pacific coast.

Explore Guerrero's Sun Triangle and visit historic towns, seaside resorts and stunning mountain villages.

See the impressive architecture of Guerrero's pre-Hispanic ruins and the ancient artwork in the caves in the mountains.