State Of Morelos

Where to Go & What to Do

The State of Morelos is located in the central region of the country,has an exceptional climate most of the year, with an average temperature of 20°C (68°F).

Its territory is rich in nature, archaeological sites and historic buildings. Each of its corners has something special to offer.

On your trip through the state of Morelos you can't miss the famous cecina de Yecapixtla or a refreshing snow from Alpuyeca.

Morelos has a special effect that makes you always want to come back. Prepare your plan for your next weekend.

Escudo Morelos Mexico

Major Cities in Morelos

Turismo en Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico


It is the capital of the state and here is where the true versatility of Morelos is concentrated. It is a cosmopolitan city.

A perfect destination to visit with your partner, friends or your whole family; without forgetting the pleasant spring weather that remains throughout the year.

Discover the Tequesquitengo lake

Rest and Water Activities

Tequesquitengo Lake is one of the most attractive places to enjoy extreme water sports, its warm temperature makes it perfect for swimming and adventurous activities such as water skateboarding, flyboarding and skiing.

If you like extreme sports on wheels, you'll find them here too! Morelos is surrounded by places like tracks and fields to practice Motocross and Monster Truck; you can also enjoy experiences like Go Karts and Buggy adventures, here speed will be your best ally!

Archaeological Sites in Morelos

Zona Arqueologica Chalcatzingo Morelos


Jantetelco, Morelos

Zona Arqueologica Coatetelco Morelos


Miacatlán, Morelos

Zona Arqueologica Las Pilas Morelos

Las Pilas

Jonacatepec, Morelos

Zona Arqueologica Olintepec Morelos


Ayala, Morelos

Zona Arqueologica Teopanzolco Morelos


Cuernavaca, Morelos

Zona Arqueologica Tepozteco Morelos


Tepoztlán, Morelos



Miacatlán, Morelos

Zona Arqueologica Yautepec Morelos


Yautepec, Morelos

Where the State of Morelos is located

Official Tourism Site

Morelos, La Eterna Primavera has been recognized for centuries as a place of rest due to its beauty and natural diversity, as well as its privileged location.

Within the 5,000 km2 of extension, you can appreciate scenarios ranging from the high altitude forest to the north, fertile valleys towards the central region and in the southern region, beautiful backwaters in the lowland jungle, springs of crystal clear water and mighty rivers.