State Of Sinaloa

Where to Go & What to Do

It is one of the most fertile states in Mexico and each of its regions offers access to many unforgettable activities and experiences.

Taste delicious seafood dishes and regional liquors, listen to traditional band music and watch the locals play ulama, an ancient Mesoamerican ball game.

Sinaloa is synonymous with energy and good atmosphere, enjoy its joy.

Escudo Estado De Sinaloa Mexico

Major Cities in Sinaloa

Mazatlan Sinaloa


Walk through streets and alleys that are vibrant pathways to a tour of its grand historical past of Mazatlan, with 21km of boardwalk.

Culiacan Sinaloa Centro


Enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the banks of its three rivers. The streets of Culiacán are full of stories, mysticism and band music.

Pueblos Señoriales and Other Destinations in Sinaloa

Ahome Sinaloa Los Mochis


Concordia Sinaloa


Choix Sinaloa


Elota Sinaloa


Leyva Sinaloa

Sinaloa de Leyva

Archaeological Sites in Sinaloa

Zona Arqueologica Las Labradas Sinaloa

Las Labradas

San Ignacio, Sinaloa

Where the State of Sinaloa is located

Official Tourism Site

Sinaloa offers a variety of tourist sites, cultural and artistic events, a rich gastronomic and cultural richness that makes it a pleasant destination for any type of tourism.

The state is divided into 18 municipalities, its capital and most populated city is Culiacán. Sinaloa is home to the history and tradition of the indigenous peoples that inhabited the region, making it an excellent archeological destination.