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Val'Quirico Tlaxcala Pueblo Medieval

Val'Quirico is both a real estate development and a tourist complex built on the remains of the Santa Agueda hacienda in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala. 

It looks like a city of medieval architecture influenced by Tuscany and Umbria, in Italy, and Segovia, in Spain, as Adolfo Blanca, director of this development that has been open to the public since 2015, explains.

Its alleys are paved with cobblestones and the houses were built with wood and stones, a combination that blends in with the forest environment. 


The weather is usually warm, so you can walk around in the afternoon wearing shorts or a skirt, but high heels are not recommended. There are tunnels illuminated at night with torches to give the place a romantic and old-timey feel.

Some of Val'Quirico's walls are intervened by street artists. One of the murals that stands out is "Drunk Bones" by Fuentes de Maria.

Art is not only in the streets, Del Fabbro is a gallery that exhibits photography, sculpture and contemporary painting.

There are more than 15 restaurants in Val'Quirico with proposals of cuisines from various parts of the world: Out of Africa serves crocodile skewers and buffalo burgers; at "La Posada del Rey" (El Meson de los Reyes) they prepare suckling pig or paella; and at the restaurant "La Luna sobre el Mar" (La Luna Sul Mare) you should try the pasta with truffle or pistachio pizza.

Rent a bicycle to explore the town, although there is also the option of horseback riding. By the way, the development has a track where you can take training classes.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Admission to Val'Quirico is free and parking is $80. It is Pet Friendly.


Spend the day walking around the place, take pictures in some of its many interesting spaces, stop at one of its many restaurants, stop at one or more of its bars, ride the carousel, eat an ice cream, buy handicrafts, listen to live music.

We recommend a visit to the Ex Hacienda de Chautla, which is located 20 minutes from Val'Quirico. Another excellent option is to visit the Archaeological Zone of Cacaxtla.
And if your visit occurs in the months of July or August, we recommend you to visit Nanacamilpa Tlaxcala and go firefly watching.

The type of floor is cobblestone so you should wear shoes suitable for walking on this type of floor. Everything in Val'quirico is outdoors so if it is hot season we recommend you to prepare yourself with light and clear clothes, as well as sunglasses and a hat if possible. In rainy season carry an umbrella with you.

It is located in the state of Tlaxcala, with easy access from the Mexico Puebla highway. It is 22 km from the city of Puebla (30 minutes away).

From the city of Tlaxcala it is 17 km (20 minutes), from Mexico City it is 110 km (110 km) (1 hour and 30 minutes).

Your best way to get there is by private car. Your easiest, fastest and most direct route is to take the Mexico Puebla highway.

You can take a service like Uber to take you directly from the city of Puebla or the city of Tlaxcala.

If you travel by bus your route should be to get to Puebla city and take a cab or app service from there. There are other ways to get there, but let's be honest, your safety is preferable to having to explore options that involve public transportation services with several transfers.

There are two booths, the first is the San Marcos booth which costs $140 pesos and the second booth costs 40 pesos.

Where Val'Quirico is located

Address: Carretera Santa Isabel Tetlatauca, km 2, 90710 San Miguel Xoxtla, Tlax.

Official Web Site:

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