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Sonora has a great variety of natural attractions among the Sierra Madre Occidental, valleys, desert landscapes and paradisiacal beaches of the Gulf of California.

The local gastronomy will delight your palate with delicious grilled meat, seafood, jerky, flour tortillas and the sweet touch of coyotas, a dessert made from wheat flour, butter and piloncillo.

Unforgettable experiences await you in Sonora. Cradle of the Seris, Yaquis, Mayos and 5 other indigenous ethnic groups that give us identity and value. 

Escudo Estado De Sonora Mexico

Major Cities in Sonora

Hermosillo Sonora Centro Historico


Capital of the state. A destination that combines history, entertainment, sports and the best adventures in deserts, forests and nearby beaches.

Main Beaches of Sonora

Experiences in Sonora

El Pinacate Sonora

El Pinacate

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Archaeological Zones of Sonora

Zona Arqueologica Cerro de Trincheras Sonora

Cerro de Trincheras

Trincheras, Sonora

Where the State of Sonora is located

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Visiting Sonora is discovering a new face of Mexico. It is to meet honest and hard-working people, forged by warmth and effort. It is to drink coffee in a ranch house or in an old hacienda.

It is to breathe the story of Padre Kino and his wanderings. It is to close business deals with the confidence of a look and a handshake. It is to discover a friendly state.

In Sonora you can find green mountains, extensive agricultural valleys, a spectacular desert, more than 1200 km of coastline with the incredible Sea of Cortez, and an active border with the United States.