Aguascalientes City

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Aguascalientes is a city in central Mexico known for the Spanish colonial buildings in its historic center. 

In the Plaza Patria is the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, with 18th century paintings by Miguel Cabrera. 

The Government Palace, dating from the 17th century, is known for its numerous carved interior arches. 

The National Museum of Death exhibits funerary art and objects from pre-Columbian times to the present.

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Centro Historico Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes is a dynamic and prosperous city. It is well known for its textiles and for its San Marcos Fair, as well as in the field of fiesta brava (bullfighting).

The city of Aguascalientes was founded in 1575 to accommodate merchants traveling the Silver Route. 

Today it houses beautiful architecture, both civil and religious, especially from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, which combines magnificent examples of baroque, neoclassical and eclectic styles.

Visit Aguascalientes and fall in love with its colorful beauty!

🏙 Activities in Aguascalientes City

Top 10 Attractions

  1. San Marcos Garden
  2. Tres Centurias Square
  3. Regional History Museum
  4. Temple of San Antonio de Padua
  5. Museum of Aguascalientes
  6. Descubre Museum
  7. Aguascalientes Cathedral
  8. San Marcos Island
  9. Cathedral Basilica
  10. Temple of Señor del Encino

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

The name Aguascalientes is due to the abundance of hot springs in the area. 

The name given to the city at its founding on October 22, 1575 was Villa de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de las Aguas Calientes (Our Lady of the Assumption of the Hot Waters).

Its architecture in the historic center where you can notice how time left the Spanish heritage in different buildings and streets of this city.

It also stands out for its amazing cultural offer. Here you can find art museums of world-renowned artists such as the great sculptor Jesús F. Contreras and the magnificent engraver José Guadalupe Posada, creator of La Catrina and a native of this city.

And the San Marcos Fair in the months of April and May. In addition to seeing the livestock exhibition, you can enjoy musical and charrería shows, mechanical games, culinary delights, among others. A festival of international stature!

Aguascalientes is divided into 4 traditional neighborhoods with different personalities delimited by a church, a beautiful garden and a community of bullfighters, engravers or artisans, which give them a unique charm.

These are:

  • Traditional Neighborhood of El Encino or Triana
  • Barrio de Guadalupe
  • Barrio de La Estación
  • Barrio de San Marcos

Nieto Street, where you can find many typical handicrafts of this beautiful city.

Fairs and Festivities in Aguascalientes City

Feria de San Marcos en Aguascalientes

San Marcos National Fair

The Fair of Mexico, as it is also known, is a showcase of the best of art and popular culture that offers fun activities for the whole family.

Concerts by internationally renowned artists, the most notable bullfighting and cattle exhibition in Latin America and an exciting casino are some of the attractions that, year after year, captivate millions of visitors.

In this extraordinary fair you can enjoy a variety of exhibitions, cultural, artistic and sporting events, horse races, cock fights and of course fireworks.

Cultural Festival of Calaveras

The Day of the Dead is one of the most vivid and endearing celebrations of our culture.

The Calaveras Festival is one of the most important attractions in Aguascalientes. Year after year, at the end of October and beginning of November, the city turns into a picturesque celebration of the dead.

This colorful Festival was created with the objective of rescuing and preserving the traditions of the Day of the Dead and to pay homage to one of the world's most renowned artists: José Guadalupe Posada, an illustrious engraver and cartoonist born in Aguascalientes.

Posada is the creator of the "Calavera Garbancera" - later named "La Catrina" by Diego Rivera - a figure that adorns this festival and is a symbol of the festive tradition of death in Mexico.

Festival Cultural de Calaveras Aguascalientes 2023

Museums in Aguascalientes City

Event Venues in Aguascalientes City

Estadio Victoria Necaxa Aguascalientes

Victoria Stadium

Ver Próximos Eventos

Aguascalientes Theater

Aguascalientes Theater

Ver Próximos Eventos

Teatro Morelos Ciudad de Aguascalientes

Morelos Theater

Ver Próximos Eventos

The Most Beautiful Churches in Aguascalientes City

What else to see in the Historic Center of Aguascalientes

Plaza Patria y Exedra Ciudad de Aguascalientes

Patria Square and Exedra

Plaza Fundadores Ciudad de Aguascalientes

Fundadores Square

Palacio de Gobierno del Estado De Aguascalientes

Government Palace

Patio de las Jacarandas Ciudad de Aguascalientes

Patio de las Jacarandas

The City of Aguascalientes is Part of the Wine Route

Ruta del Vino en Aguascalientes

Wineries and Vineyards

Aguascalientes has the ideal climatic conditions and altitude for grape growing.

That is why since its foundation it already had plantations that grew in number and extension until reaching the second place in vine production in the country, being brandy the most produced beverage in the State.

Aguascalientes has 205 hectares of wine grapes. There are 18 wineries and vineyards open to the public for tourist experiences.

Other Destinations of Interest in Aguascalientes City

Baños Termales de Ojo Caliente Aguascalientes

Ojocaliente Hot Springs

Antigua Plaza de Toros San Marcos Aguascalientes

San Marcos Bullring

Plaza de Toros Monumental Aguascalientes

Monumental Bullring

Monumento al Encierro Ciudad de Aguascalientes

Encierro Monument

Recommended Handicraft Store in Aguascalientes City

Upcoming Events in Aguascalientes

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Where the City of Aguascalientes is located

Distance between Aguascalientes City and Other Cities

Distance in Km | Miles
Time in Hours
Zacatecas ZAC
118 km | 73 Mi
1 Hour 30 Minutes
León GTO
128 Km | 80 Mi
1 Hour 45 Minutes
San Luis Potosí SLP
165 Km | 102 Mi
2 hours 15 minutes
Guanajuato GTO
221 km | 137 Mi
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Distance between Aguascalientes City and Other Magic Towns

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Time in Hours
Pabellón de Hidalgo AGS
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30 minutes
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40 Minutes
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52 km | 32 Mi
45 Minutes
Real de Asientos AGS
61 km | 50 Mi
55 Minutes
Lagos de Moreno JAL
93 km | 58 Mi
1 Hour 15 Minutes

Flights to or from Aguascalientes

Type of Flights
Domestic Flights
CD de México, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Oaxaca, Merida, Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Tijuana, Monterrey, San José del Cabo, La Paz, Veracruz, Ciudad Juarez, Mexicali, Hermosillo, Chihuahua, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Culiacán, Reynosa, Ciudad de Puebla, Villahermosa y Tulum,
United States
Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle, New York, Denver, Atlanta, Portland, Orlando, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Francisco, Miami, Salt Lake City & Detroit
Centro y Sudamerica
Panama City & Bogotá

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Autobuses Anahuac
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Aguascalientes is a destination with an interesting combination of charming natural surroundings, tradition and industrial development. 

Outstanding for its manufacturing industry, especially textile, electronics and automotive, the state capital has become one of the tourist destinations with the best range of services in the Mexican Bajio.