San Marcos Fair

Mexico's Fair

Known as the Fair of All and considered the most important fair in Mexico and of great international prestige.

It is the popular celebration in the city of Aguascalientes in honor of San Marcos patron saint, during the celebration of April.

Celebrations that take you from artistic, cultural and social shows open to the public; commercial, livestock and technology expositions; as well as nightlife entertainment such as nightclubs, casinos and restaurants.

It is a celebration that goes from the coronation of the Queen of the Fair to the most important Bullfighting Serial in Latin America where the most important bullfighting figures in the world are presented.

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Feria de San Marcos en Aguascalientes

The National Charro Championship, is a tradition of the Mexican national sport, and is also celebrated at the fair. Cockfighting, where teams from all over the country participate.

In this fair the most recognized artists of the moment are presented during the Palenque.

The fair awaits you with modern facilities, open spaces, mechanical games, nightlife, horse racing, village theater, music and dance of the highest level.

Not forgetting the Papantia flyers, fireworks and streetcar tours from the city center are activities that we cannot fail to mention.

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San Marcos Fair 2023

The 2023 Fair was held from April 14 to May 7, 2023. With a capacity of more than 9 million attendees.

The National Fair of San Marcos is an annual event, which takes place between April and May in Aguascalientes City.

It is known as La Feria De Mexico in most of the country, although some call it La Gran Cantina since it is normal that most of the fair has areas where you can drink beer without any problem.

The fair is held in the San Marcos neighborhood and the most important day of the fair is April 25, which coincides with the day of San Marcos.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

It is celebrated from the second half of April to the first half of May. Usually being 3 weeks or 23 days approximately.

The 2023 Fair was from April 14 to May 7, 2023. With a capacity of more than 9 million attendees.

On those dates there are daily concerts with the best of Mexican music at the Palenque.

The first edition was held in 1828, when this entity was not yet formally constituted and was part of the state of Zacatecas. At that time, it was held in November in front of the temple of San Diego, for purely commercial purposes.

In 1842 the external balustrade of the Garden of San Marcos, in neoclassical style, was built on a piece of land donated by the Catholic Church and is preserved to this day; when the garden was completed the celebration was changed from November to April to coincide with the festivities in honor of the Patron Saint.

An element that contributed to its diffusion was the arrival of the railroad in 1884.

In 1886 the construction of the San Marcos bullring was completed in only 48 days. Since then, bullfights have been included in the festivities.

Due to the great taurine tradition in Aguascalientes, in the 70s was built the Plaza Monumental de Aguascalientes.

The San Marcos Fair is important for being a cultural and traditional manifestation that reflects the diversity and richness of Mexico.

The fair offers a wide range of activities and shows ranging from sporting events, such as bullfights and cockfights, to concerts by national and international artists, art exhibitions, film and theater shows, among others.

This makes the fair a place of encounter and enjoyment for people of all ages and tastes.

Another relevant aspect of the San Marcos Fair is its contribution to the economy.

During the three weeks of the fair, the city of Aguascalientes receives a large number of tourists and visitors.

The San Marcos Fair has a religious component, since it is celebrated in honor of San Marcos, patron saint of the city of Aguascalientes.

That is why the most important day of the FNSM is April 25, the day of the patron saint, and begins with the traditional Mañanitas in the Garden of San Marcos by the Municipal Symphonic Band, after which there is a Misa de Gallo in the same temple.

Access to the fair is completely free.

What events do NOT have a cost at the San Marcos Fair?

The shows and activities held at the Foro de las Estrellas, Foro del Lago, Patio de las Jacarandas, Cuartel del Arte, Casa Terán, Biblioteca Torres Bodet, Teatro Morelos, Illusion On Ice, Expo Ganadera, Templo de San Marcos, Pabellón Turístico Artesanal, El Show Ecuestre de Diego Herrera, are some of the events that are free of charge.

What events have a cost at the San Marcos Fair?

The shows that take place at the Palenque and the Plaza de Toros must be purchased in order to gain access.

The dates of the fair are set for the month of December. And the official program of the main events and artists is confirmed in mid-March, one month prior to the start of the San Marcos Fair.

We will be updating this portal when there is more information about the program for the San Marcos National Fair 2024.

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Aguascalientes is a destination with an interesting combination of charming natural surroundings, tradition and industrial development. 

Outstanding for its manufacturing industry, especially textile, electronics and automotive, the state capital has become one of the tourist destinations with the best range of services in the Mexican Bajio.