Real de Asientos Aguascalientes

Where to Go & What to Do

This Magical Town is located in the semi-desert of the State of Aguascalientes and will fill you with surprises and emotions.

With mining landscapes, pink quarry facades and a great museum of living nature is what makes Real de Asientos a wonderful place. 

There are buildings that date back to 1548 and in its corners are kept historical and cultural treasures.

Visiting this magical town is an experience, here you will feel the contrasts between landowners and slaves, monks and bandits, gambusinos and miners.

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When you enter the parish or the former convent you will be filled with faith in the presence of Our Lady of Bethlehem or the Lord of Tepozan.

Entering its subway tunnels, appreciating the sacred art, walking through the first cemetery in the state or walking through the aqueduct will transport you to the time when Real de Asientos was a mining town.

Real de Asientos is the oldest municipality in the state, but also the first to be named Magical Town in all of Aguascalientes.

🏙 Activities in Real de Asientos Magical Town

Top 6 Attractions

  1. Parish of Our Lady of Bethlehem
    • Asientos Tunnels - Under the Parish Church
  2. Juarez Plaza
  3. Tour the oldest cemetery in the state
  4. Former Convent of the Lord of Tepozán
  5. Admire the architecture of houses and temples
  6. Miner's Museum

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

This tourist destination has several attractions of the viceregal era, which are discovered in its architecture and art.

Because of the scenery, it looks like a movie set: designed with pink quarry facades and a large museum of living nature.

Surprising nooks and crannies are preserved there, which are home to historical and cultural treasures.

The discovery of this Magical Town implies a beautiful tour of its colonial buildings, and you can even get to know it underground.

It was the first place in the State of Aguascalientes that resembled a city, even before its own capital. Real de Asientos was founded in 1548.

For this reason, walking the road that leads to the mountain in which it is nestled is a way of traveling back in time. Asientos has the rhythm of an ancestral heartbeat.

Its original name was "Real de los Asientos de Ibarra", in honor of Diego de Ibarra.

Asientos was erected as a villa in 1713, was quickly populated and soon became an important stop on the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro.

The municipality owes its name to Diego de Ibarra, a Spanish conquistador who was dedicated to the search for riches in the territory of New Spain.

He not only helped found this town, but also several others, including Zacatecas, which are located on what was later known as the Silver Route.

The tourist offer of Asientos is not very varied, but this does not mean that the things to do lack interest. On the contrary, its history is already a sufficient attraction.

Walking through its cobblestone streets, admiring the facades of the houses and churches of Real de Asientos is undoubtedly an activity that transports the passerby to the four previous centuries.

Given this, it is inevitable to think that the passage of time has done little to the site.

Ex Convento del Señor del Tepozán Real de Asientos Aguascalientes

Former Convent of the Lord of Tepozán

Built at the beginning of the 17th century with special characteristics such as narrow corridors, unevenness, small cells and tight doors.

The altar and sanctuary date from 1627, built after the discovery of the miraculous Christ of the Lord of Tepozán (patron saint of miners) in a tree called tepozol.

The former convent is an architectural jewel that today functions as a museum, where ancient religious objects and the heritage and history of the Huachichil tribes can be appreciated.

Inside you can contemplate the altarpieces of the Stations of the Cross, work of the Oaxacan painter and maximum exponent of baroque painting, Miguel Cabrera.

Tourist Attractions in Real de Asientos Magical Town

Panteon de Guadalupe Real de Asientos Aguascalientes

Guadalupe Cemetery

Museo del Minero Real de Asientos Aguascalientes

Miner's Museum

Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Belen Real de Asientos Aguascalientes

Parish of Our Lady of Bethlehem

Tunel y Pinacoteca de la parroquia de Beln Real de Asientos Aguascalientes

Bethlehem Parish Tunnel

Acueducto Escondido de Real de Asientos Aguascalientes

Elevated or Hidden Aqueduct

Templo de Guadalupe Real de Asientos Aguascalientes

Sanctuary of Guadalupe

Plaza Juarez Real de Asientos Aguascalientes

Juarez Plaza

Real de Asientos Fair 2023

We share with you the program of activities of the Magical Town of Real de Asientos for its 475th anniversary of its founding, enjoy from July 20 to 23.

Donde se encuentra Real de Asientos Pueblo Mágico

Distance between Real de Asientos and Other Cities

Distance in Km | Miles
Time in Hours
Aguascalientes AGS
59 km | 37 Mi
1 Hour
Zacatecas ZAC
104 km | 65 Mi
1 Hour 30 Minutes
San Luis Potosí SLP
165 Km | 103 Mi
2 Hours 45 Minutes
León GTO
202 Km | 126 Mi
2 Hours 45 minutes
Guanajuato GTO
254 km | 158 Mi
3 Hours 30 Minutes

Distance between Real de Asientos and Pueblos Magicos

Distance in Km | Miles
Time in Hours
Pabellón de Hidalgo AGS
34 km | 21 Mi
40 Minutes
San José de Gracia AGS
49 km | 30 Mi
50 Minutes
Pinos ZAC
70 km | 43 Mi
1 Hour 15 Minutes
Guadalupe ZAC
98 Km | 61 Mi
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Calvillo AGS
107 Km | 66 Mi
1 Hour 30 Minutes

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Aguascalientes is a destination with an interesting combination of charming natural surroundings, tradition and industrial development. 

Outstanding for its manufacturing industry, especially textile, electronics and automotive, the state capital has become one of the tourist destinations with the best range of services in the Mexican Bajio.