State of Coahuila

Where to Go & What to Do

Coahuila offers a great number of tourist experiences, it is the third largest state in the country. 

Its territory is predominantly desert, but it also has beautiful marshes, lagoons, mountains and forests.

Coahuila has eight Magical Towns where you can enjoy the nature and beauty of its territory.

As you will see, Coahuila is full of places that will surprise you, prepare your itinerary well and enjoy your trip.

Escudo Coahuila Estado Mexico

Major Cities in Coahuila

Saltillo Coahuila 1


Capital of the state, it is one of the most outstanding cities for its culture, history and legends. 

Its name comes from colonial times, when the Spaniards found a small waterfall gushing from some rocks on a hill.

Torreon Coahuila


The historic center preserves some buildings and constructions from the time of the Mexican Revolution.

The Christ of the Noas, has an area of 70 thousand m², here are some replicas of historical sites of the Holy Land in Jerusalem Israel.

Monclova Coahuila


The main city of the Central Desert region, where steel and baseball are two strong factors of identity.

It's not just industry: there's also history, parks, restaurants, crafts and earthy baseball diamonds. It's an excellent place to visit.

Other Tourist Destinations in Coahuila

Piedras Negras Coahuila

Piedras Negras

Archaeological Zones of Coahuila

Zona Paleontologica Rincon Colorado Coahuila

Zona Paleontológica Rincón Colorado

General Cepeda, Coahuila

Where the State of Coahuila is located

Official Tourism Site

Coahuila is a place full of strengths, attractions and tourist products in five regions. It has seven magical towns with beautiful architecture, culture and traditions, cradle of historical characters. 

With a unique paleontological past in the country. Territory of great natural wealth, its ecosystems include deserts, forests and mountains.