Boca de Túnel Adventure Park


Boca de Túnel Park is a place for adventure and amazement.

You can cross high cliffs through suspension bridges, fly on a zip line and admire natural canyon landscapes.

The canyon system here is little known and tourism development is recent, but it is a work of art that nature has taken millions of years to sculpt.

The result is the curious landscapes, which resemble those of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, although, in any case, in miniature version!

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Boca de Tunel San Jose de Gracia Aguascalientes

This destination is ideal for ecotourism and extreme adventure lovers.

The Boca de Túnel canyons are part of the hydrological complex between the elevations of the Sierra Fría, located to the northwest of the region.

In addition to the desert and rocky landscape, you can practice many adventure and extreme activities.

The best thing is that Boca de Túnel is a perfect place for all kinds of travelers, since most of the circuits have different levels of difficulty. 

The hanging bridges are the first adventure to explore and get to know the region.

Boca de Túnel Adventure Park

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

With its extraordinary views and challenging challenges, this park promises to fill you with adrenaline and surprise you with the natural beauty that surrounds it.

The park has 13 suspension bridges, 2 zip lines and via ferratas, all over 15 meters high. 

The entire tour lasts approximately 3 hours and will challenge you physically and mentally.

The adventure culminates at the dam gate, where you can climb up to a lookout point and contemplate the breathtaking view. 

A boat will be waiting to take you back while you admire the dam in the middle of the formations.
rocosas desde una perspectiva única.

Boca de Túnel is ideal to visit all year round, as the climate in the area is generally mild.

During the summer, the landscape becomes especially green due to the rainy season.

Avoid fair days and Easter if you want to avoid large groups and enjoy a more personalized attention.

From the city of Aguascalientes, the nearest city, take federal highway 45 towards Zacatecas.

Once you reach Pabellón de Arteaga, turn left, taking the detour to San José de Gracia.

From there, take the road to Paredes for 15 km, at which point you will see the signs to the entrance.

Several buses also depart daily from the Aguascalientes bus station.

The park is open Monday through Sunday, from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Package 1, which includes the 13 suspension bridges and 2 zip lines, costs $350 pesos per person.
  • Package 2, with 2 suspension bridges and 1 zip line, costs $200 pesos per person.
  • Additional activities are also offered, such as boat rides for $65 pesos per person and rappelling for $100 pesos per person.

Nearby Attractions

Boca de Túnel is part of the list of attractions of the Magical Town of - San José de Gracia. It is located only 15 km from Boca de Túnel and is famous for its imposing sculpture of the Broken Christ, one of the five largest statues in Mexico.
San José de Gracia Aguascalientes Pueblo Magico

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Where is Boca de Túnel Aguascalientes located?

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Ecotourism in Aguascalientes is experienced in semi-desert landscapes, dams and trails surrounded by nature and cave paintings.

For your safety, always carry out these activities in the company of authorized tour operators and/or trained personnel.

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Aguascalientes is a destination with an interesting combination of charming natural surroundings, tradition and industrial development. 

Outstanding for its manufacturing industry, especially textile, electronics and automotive, the state capital has become one of the tourist destinations with the best range of services in the Mexican Bajio.