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Acuario Michín Puebla

Start your adventure and enjoy the incredible experience at the Michín Puebla Aquarium, one of the most important and modern aquariums in Mexico.

This is a unique and fun interactive space, a place where incredible species such as a great diversity of fish, sharks, salamanders, otters and many more live!

The Michín Puebla Aquarium is a conservation, research and education center that aims to raise awareness about environmental care and biodiversity, both marine and terrestrial.

Since its opening in December 2019, Michin Aquarium has focused on promoting conservation through allowing visitors to experience various emotions within the tour while learning about the species and ecosystems housed in the aquarium.

The Michin Puebla Aquarium has more than 90 exhibits with species distributed in different habitats divided into six ecosystems: jungle, forest, reef, mangrove, open sea, rivers and lakes.

The jungle ecosystem hosts species of snakes, frogs and fish from the Amazon and North America in a space of humid atmosphere and natural sounds of the jungle, in addition to containing elements of the Teotihuacan culture and the species that coexisted with it.

In the forest ecosystem, inhabitants can enjoy an environment that recreates the soft light and sounds of this type of habitat, as well as appreciate species such as the Mexican salamander, the gecko and other endemic species in more than 14 exhibits with fish tanks and terrariums, in addition to various activities.

The reef ecosystem has 17 fish tanks and three ponds with species such as clown fish, lion fish, gobies and moray eels, among other species. In addition, this ecosystem represents the Toltec culture.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

As of January 2023, these are the entry prices:

Total Access: $269 per person

Family Package For 4 People: 1,199
*Includes food

Michin Premium: 349

Children pay from one year of age.

*We recommend you to visit their website and verify the cost prior to your visit. This information is only informative and for reference purposes.

The tour is completely free, but on average it takes families 2 hours, which can be more or less depending on the time spent in the pavilions.

There are also extra activities for an additional price that visitors can experience and thus increase their time at the Michín Puebla Aquarium.

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It means FISH in Nahuatl.

The Michín Aquarium is an educational, scientific, cultural and recreational institution with the purpose of protecting and conserving aquatic biodiversity. It promotes its knowledge through educational activities, permanent and temporary exhibits.

Opened in Puebla on December 14, 2019.

It is dedicated to five cultures of Pre-Hispanic Mexico: Wixárika, Olmeca, Maya, Mixteca and Konkaak. The Michin Aquarium has a permanent exhibit of 260 species and more than nine thousand specimens, including eight species of sharks, jellyfish, salamanders, otters, rays, seahorses, octopuses and crocodiles.

Where Michín Puebla Aquarium Is Located

Address: Parque Puebla, Calz. Ignacio Zaragoza local C, Corredor Industrial la Cienega, 72220 Puebla, Pue.

Michín Puebla Aquarium Official Website: acuariomichin.com/

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More Official Info: Visit Puebla

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