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Cuetzalan Puebla
Magical Town

Where to Go & What to Do

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Cuetzalan is in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental, at an altitude of just over 1,000 meters above sea level, so it enjoys a warm humid climate.

One of the main attractions is its geographical position between large and deep ravines, always very green, through which rivers such as the Apulco, Cuichati and Zoquiate, tributaries of the Veracruz Tecolutla River, flow.

Its inhabitants produce one of the most aromatic and recognized coffees in the country. In every corner of its streets there is a beautiful landscape that invites you to walk through them and discover its surroundings.

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Cuetzalan Puebla Magical Town | Where to Go and What to Do

Its population is made up of indigenous Totonac and Nahua Indians.

Thanks to the humidity it receives from the Gulf of Mexico, Cuetzalan is an Eden full of exotic flora and fauna.

Its culture is expressed in rituals such as the Voladores, an impressive ancestral ceremony that mixes pre-Hispanic and Christian traditions.

Visit one of the first Totonac settlements in the Yohualichan Archaeological Zone.

Discover endless caves and grottos and marvel at its waterfalls.

🏙 Activities in Cuetzalan Puebla

Top 10 Attractions

  1. Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe or Church of Los Jarritos
  2. Celestino Gasca Plaza
  3. Matachiuj Handicrafts Market
  4. San Francisco De Asis Parish
  5. Uma Botanical Garden Xoxoctic
  6. Yohualichan Archeological Zone
  7. La Escondida Eco Adventure Park
  8. Ecotourism in Caves and Waterfalls
  9. Santuario del Peñon de Jonotla Sanctuary
  10. Tosepan Kali Ecotourism Development by Local Indigenous People.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

With the amount of cultural and natural attractions in the Magical Town of Cuetzalan, to reduce your itinerary to a single day is to leave out too much. However, we recommend the following:

  • Arrive early, and start at La Plaza Central Celestino Gasca.
  • Appreciate the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
  • Walk through its colorful streets near the center of the city.
  • Enter the Matachiuj Handicrafts Market
  • Go or take a tour to visit 5 of the most beautiful waterfalls in Cuetzalan.
    • Swim in the waterfalls of El Salto, Las Brisas and 3 Caídas, admire the waterfall of La Escondida and jump more than 3m high in the waterfall Las Golondrinas.
  • If you have energy and time left, go to the Grotto of Chichicazapan.
  • Rest

The most visited waterfall is The Tres Caidas Waterfall, since it is the closest to the town of Cuetzalán.

However El Salto, La Escondida and Las Brisas have a special charm.

And finally in Las Golondrinas you can jump into the water from a height of 3 meters.

From Mexico City head towards the city of Puebla. From Pachuca or people driving from Arco Norte should head to Apizaco and then to Huamantla. The objective in both cases is to join the highway.  140 D, Puebla-Perote.

At Km 62 you must take the exit that says Teziutlán cuota, continue on this highway which is 129D, at Km 111 of this highway you will find the exit Zaragoza Cuetzalan, this is the last toll booth. 

Arriving at the city of Zaragoza you must take a left as if you were going to Puebla on the federal highway and 5 minutes later you will find the Acuaco turnoff, take a right to go to Cuetzalan and in about an hour and thirty minutes you will arrive. 

Cost from Mexico City - $353 pesos. 5 hours drive.
Cost from Puebla - $172 pesos. 3 hours 15 min drive.
Cost from Pachuca - $415 pesos. 4 hours 20 min drive

By bus:

  • By bus, direct buses leave from the CAPU terminal in Puebla on the VIA Line.
    Cost: From $260 pesos
  • By direct bus from the TAPO terminal in Mexico City on the AV line.
    Cost: From $476 pesos

Cuetzalan's climate is humid with an average temperature between 15° to 28°. In hot season it can reach up to 40°, in cold season with cold front it can reach 0°.

We recommend that you come prepared with comfortable clothing, preferably long sleeves, hiking boots, hat or cap, dark glasses, organic repellent, light sweater, raincoat, jacket and towel.

  • Municipal Palace
  • Celestino Gasca Plaza
  • Clock Tower
  • Uma Jardín Botánico Xoxoctic – Facebook
  • Matachiuj Handicrafts Market
  • Regional Museum of Cuetzalan Emma Flores de Morante
  • Casa del Huipil Museum
  • Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe or Church of Los Jarritos
  • San Francisco De Asis Parish
  • Chapel of the Immaculate Conception
  • Cascada Corazon del Bosque
  • Cascada las Brisas
  • Cascada Las Hamacas
  • Cascada Las Golondrinas
  • Cascada El Salto
  • Cascada Las Tres Caidas
  • Cascada La Escondida
  • Cascada Taxipehuatl
  • Cascada Velo de Novia

Find your tour operator who can offer you the tour to these attractions.

  • Gruta del Duende – Facebook
  • Gruta La Aventura – Web Site
  • Gruta Elefante – Facebook
  • Gruta La Empedrada – Facebook
  • Gruta del Sol – Facebook
  • Gruta Chichicazapan
  • Gruta la Garganta del Diablo
  • Gruta Los Corales

Find your tour operator who can offer you the tour to these attractions.

  • La Escondida EcoParque de Aventura – Web Site
  • Tosepan Kali Turismo Alternativo – Web Site
  • Finca Corazon Nativo Complejo Eco Turístico – Facebook
  • Xalostoc Cueva de Arena – Web Site
  • La Poza Pata de Perro
  • Rio Atepatahua
  • Santuario del Peñon de Jonotla Sanctuary
  • Hotel La Casa de Piedra – Web Site
  • La Casona de Don Porfirio Hotel Boutique – Web Site
  • Hotel Posada La Vereda – Facebook
  • Hotel Pozo Viejo – A 40km de Cuetzalan – Web Site


Where is Cuetzalan Puebla located?

Distance from Cuetzalan to Other Cities

Distance in Km | Miles
Time in Hours
Puebla City
176 Km | 109 Mi
3 Horas 15 Minutos
Tlaxcala City
179 Km | 111 Mi
3 Horas 05 Minutos
Xalapa Veracruz
188 Km | 117 Mi
3 horas 15 Minutos
Pachuca Hidalgo
281 km | 174 Mi
4 Horas 25 Minutos
Mexico City
299 km | 186 Mi
5 Horas

From Cuetzalan to other Magical Towns

Distance in Km | Miles
Time in Hours
Zozocolco Veracruz
42 km | 26 Mi
1 Horas 22 Minutos
Tetela de O. Puebla
63 km | 39 Mi
2 Horas 10 minutos
Tlatlauquitepec Puebla
66 km | 42 Mi
1 Hora 50 Minutos
Papantla Veracruz
94 km | 58 Mi
2 Horas 55 Minutos
Chignahuapan Puebla
118 km | 73 Mi
3 Horas 20 Minutos

Official Tourism Site

Marvel at the splendor of its elegant colonial buildings, streets and flavors that live up to its nickname "City Of the Angels".

A legend is responsible for this beautiful city being known as Puebla de los Angeles.