Xicotepec Puebla Magical Town | Where to Go and What to Do

Xicotepec Puebla
Magical Town

Where to Go & What to Do

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In Xicotepec coffee is drunk at all hours and this is because it is one of the most important producers of coffee in Puebla, here you can taste this drink in the portals of the magical town.

Surrounded by mountains, this magical town is located in the heart of the Sierra Madre Oriental, a mosaic of vegetation, climatic diversity, ravines, mountains and bodies of water. 

Xicotepec is a magical town of the Huasteca Poblana with a strong syncretism that you can discover in a tour of its streets and sculptures that characterize it.

Xicotepec has the aroma of coffee. Its name derives from the Nahuatl language and means "hill of the bumblebees".

Xicotepec Puebla Magical Town | Where to Go and What to Do
Virgin of Guadalupe Xicotepec Puebla Magical Town

You have to climb the hill of El Tabacal, where the monumental Virgen de Guadalupe is located, an image of 20 meters high.

Xicotepec has the honor of having been the capital of the Mexican Republic for 3 days in 1920, while Venustiano Carranza underwent an autopsy.

Enjoy a day in the magical town of Xicotepec, stroll through its streets and visit its main tourist attractions!

It joined the magical towns program in 2012.

🏙 Activities in Xicotepec Puebla

Top 10 Attractions

  1. Parroquia de San Juan Bautista
  2. Xochipila Ceremonial Center
  3. Viewpoint of the Monumental Virgen de Guadalupe
  4. Carranza House Museum
  5. Tlaxcalantongo Waterfall Barbas de Carranza
  6. Municipal Palace (murals)
  7. Celestial Cross trail and lookout point
  8. Church of Santa Maria Guadalupe
  9. Xicotepec's handicraft pavilion
  10. El Angel de tu Salud Botanical Center

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Xicotepec has been a coffee producer since ancient times because its climate and altitude allow the cultivation of this bean.

In addition, jewelry and handicrafts made from coffee beans stand out.

In Xicotepec you can smell the aroma of coffee that fills the town, in the afternoon the fog descends and covers everything, as if it were a town among the clouds.

It is surrounded by mountains, rivers and abundant vegetation, ideal for an adventure trip or an ecotourism tour to visit the coffee plantations and discover the secrets that are hidden around this bean that made the town famous.

The Mirador de la Cruz Celestial has a height of 30 meters, an extension of 15 meters and weighs more than 100 tons.

To reach this beautiful viewpoint you must walk about 1,400 meters along a beautiful cobblestone path, which has about 750 steps.

Around the trail you can observe the flora and fauna of the forest, such as pines and oyamel trees.

By Car from Mexico City: The fastest route is to take the Mexico-Piramides 132D highway to Tuxpan Veracruz, your exit will be marked Nuevo Necaxa Huauchinango and this will take you to your destination (Trip: 3hrs - Cost: 159 pesos at Toll Booths).

By bus:

  • From Central del Norte you can take a direct bus to Xicotepec. The trip takes almost 4 hours. The approximate fare is 122 pesos.
  • There are also direct buses from Puebla City and Pachuca

Its name comes from the Nahuatl "xicotepetl" which means "cerro de jicotes” or “cerro de abejorros - bumblebee hill“.

  • Zócalo de Xicotepec – Plaza de la Constitución
  • Murals on the stairway of Plazuela San José
  • Municipal Palace with its murals, stained glass windows and coat of arms.
  • Parroquia de San Juan Bautista
  • Carranza House Museum
  • Xochipila Ceremonial Center
  • Celestial Cross trail and viewpoint - Facebook
  • Church of Santa Maria Guadalupe
  • Xicotepec's handicraft pavilion
  • Villa Garabatos Handicrafts - Facebook
  • Museum, Trilobit Restaurant - Facebook
  • Casa del Monje - Learn about its Legend
  • Barbas de Carranza Waterfalls
  • Tlaxcalantongo Ecotourism - Facebook
  • Las Cañadas Ecoturistic Ranch - Facebook
  • Tenango de las Flores Dam
  • La Sirena Tourist Boat Trips - Tenango de las Flores - Facebook
  • Tour del Café y Catación – Facebook
  • La Ruta del Café Aristóteles Finca Los Pinos – Facebook
  • Gonri Café – Facebook
  • Café Bunte – Facebook
  • Bosque mesófilo de montaña
  • Retmas Operadora Turística – Web Site

Where is Xicotepec Puebla located?

From Xicotepec to Other Cities

Distance in Km | Miles
Time in Hours
Poza Rica Veracruz
102 Km | 63 Mi
1 Hora 50 Minutos
Pachuca Hidalgo
113 Km | 70 Mi
1 Hora 50 Minutos
Tlaxcala City
146 Km | 91 Mi
2 horas 15 Minutos
Mexico City
157 km | 116 Mi
2 Horas 40 Minutos
Puebla City
188 km | 117 Mi
2 Horas 50 Minutos

From Xicotepec to other Magical Towns

Distance in Km | Miles
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Official Tourism Site

Marvel at the splendor of its elegant colonial buildings, streets and flavors that live up to its nickname "City Of the Angels".

A legend is responsible for this beautiful city being known as Puebla de los Angeles.