Zacatlán De Las Manzanas Puebla Magical Town | Where To Go And What To Do

Zacatlán de las Manzanas Puebla
Magical Town

Where to Go & What to Do

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Visitors to Zacatlan feel foggy and cold, as if someone had lifted the entire community to the clouds. In an instant the streets are filled with fog and you can't even see the tip of your nose. However, this phenomenon is still suggestive and attractive.

The next highlight is a huge floral clock in the Historic Center, which marks the rhythm of life in this magical town.

The ravine of Los Jilgueros, very close to the center of this magical town, offers one of the most spectacular views of the Sierra, not to mention that you can admire it from a glass bridge.

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Zacatlán De Las Manzanas Puebla Magical Town | Where To Go And What To Do

In the magical town of Zacatlán de la Manzanas, cider is one of the typical beverages of the town. The production has a history of almost 100 years and it is possible to learn about its elaboration processes.

Zacatlan is a temperate paradise. Only during the winter does it get cold enough to bring out the jackets and scarves, the rest of the year there is a delightful sub-humid temperate climate, alternating between sunny and cloudy days, neither hot nor cold. In addition, the air feels exceptionally clean to breathe.

It joined the magical towns program in 2011.

🏙 Activities in Zacatlan de las Manzanas Puebla

Top 10 Attractions

  1. Plaza de Armas - Monumental Clock
  2. Franciscan Convent Complex
  3. St. Peter and St. Paul Parish
  4. Museo de Relojes y Autómatas
  5. Callejón del Hueso Vitromurals - Zacatlán de mis Amores
  6. Bodega Delicias - Ciders
  7. Glass Bridge - Barranca de los Jilgueros Viewpoint
  8. Zipline over the Barranca de los Jilgueros
  9. Waterfalls Salto de Quetzalapan
  10. Valle de las Piedras Encimadas

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Zacatlan is known as the birthplace of cider and offers all kinds of tourist attractions for both relaxation and fun.

In Zacatlan you can enjoy its fog-drenched landscapes, forest cabins, waterfalls, natural parks and gastronomy.

It is also famous for its old Franciscan Convent and for its watchmaking tradition that dates back to the beginning of the last century.

  • Bean soup with nopales
  • Rabbit encacahuatado or enchilado with chiltepín (chilticpin)
  • Guiso de Pichón del campesino
  • Mixiote of chicken, rabbit, beef and mutton
  • Eggs in green, red or morita chili sauce
  • Pressed and sponged chicharrón in green sauce
  • Mole de olla (also known as mole aguado) with beef and chayotestles (chayote sweet potato).
  • Sopes, chalupas, tlacoyos also known as memelas stuffed with green peas or beans, tostadas and quesadillas
  • Bread stuffed with cheese.

By car from Mexico City: The fastest route is to take the Mexico-Piramides 132D highway towards Tuxpan Veracruz, your exit will be the one marked Nuevo Necaxa, take the exit marked Zacatlan Chignahuapan and enter the 119D highway that will take you to your destination (Trip: 2hrs 30min - Cost: 168 pesos at Casetas).

By bus: 

  • From Mexico City in TAPO terminal you can take a direct bus to Zacatlán de las Manzanas (Cost: $260 pesos).
  • From CAPU in Puebla City take a direct bus to Zacatlan de las Manzanas (Cost: $220 pesos)

You can tour this magical town late at night, as it is a safe destination. There is a great selection of restaurants and bars where you can continue to get to know the atmosphere of this magical town.

  • Zócalo de Zacatlán
    • Monumental Floral Clock
    • Independencia and Juarez Pedestrian Streets
  • Franciscan Convent Complex
  • St. Peter and St. Paul Parish
  • Casa de la Cultura - Regional Museum
  • Puente de Cristal - Mirador de la Barranca de los Jilgueros (Glass Bridge - Lookout of Los Jilgueros Ravine)
  • Paseo de la Barranca murals
  • Callejón del Hueso Vitromurals - Zacatlán de mis Amores Facebook
  • Centennial Clock Museum - Web Site
  • MUZA Museum of Zacatlan - Facebook
  • La Fama de Zacatlan Bakery - Cheese Bread
  • Paredones de Zacatlan
  • Bodega Delicias: Buy cider directly at the factory, see the mural in their facilities and take a series of tastings to learn about all the flavors of the brand. Web Site
  • La Primavera Wines and Liquors: Enter their museum and taste their products - Web Site
  • Amoltepec Hacienda A 19th century pulque hacienda where you will learn about the Pulque process. Web Site

Cabins near Chignahuapan

Where is Zacatlán de las Manzanas Puebla located?

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From Zacatlan to other Magical Towns

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Official Tourism Site

Marvel at the splendor of its elegant colonial buildings, streets and flavors that live up to its nickname "City Of the Angels".

A legend is responsible for this beautiful city being known as Puebla de los Angeles.