Tlatlauquitepec Puebla Magical Town | Where to Go and What to Do

Tlatlauquitepec Puebla
Magical Town

Where to Go & What to Do

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Tlatlauquitepec is known as the "Garden of the Sierra" and it will welcome you with its wonderful flora and fauna, waterfalls and caves, as well as its exquisite gastronomy, framed by the warmth of its people.

In Tlatlauquitepec you have a lot to see and do, from strolling through its quiet historic center and tasting its exquisite gastronomy to extreme sports.

There is a unique variety of climates ranging from the cold in the southern part of the municipality, through a more pleasant temperate climate in the municipal capital to the warm climate typical of the north of the municipality.

Tlatlauquitepec Puebla Magical Town | Where to Go and What to Do
Ecotourism Tlatlauquitepec Puebla Magical Village

Filled with oyamel trees and clean air, Tlatlauquitepec has all the charm of the highland towns.

Its clouds fly low and people grow flowers, especially tubers. They drink coffee and herbal liqueurs, watch life go by in the main square.

Beyond the peaceful center of this magical town, you will find a whole world of adventure in the mountains.

From zip lines in the middle of a dense fog, a Tibetan bridge between mountains, trails for the more adventurous and even impressive waterfalls.

So you have to be well prepared to live the extreme experience in this destination, so don't forget to wear the right shoes and clothes.

🏙 Activities in Tlatlauquitepec Puebla

Top 10 Attractions

  1. Suspension Bridge
  2. Municipal Park
  3. Cerro Rojo Artisan's House
  4. Cerrito de Guadalupe Church
  5. Presa de la Soledad Dam - Boat trips
  6. Former Franciscan Convent
  7. Cerro Cabezon Zipline
  8. Church of Sr de Huaxtla
  9. Museum
  10. Coffee Route

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

This magical town is known as The Garden of the Sierra. And there are many ecotourism activities to do.

Zip lines, waterfalls, rappel, hiking and the coffee route.

Gastronomy is another of the strong points of this place.

The gastronomy of Tlalauquitepec keeps among its roots the fusion cuisine, a mixture of pre-Hispanic practices and methods brought from other countries.

This municipality is recognized as the cradle of the tlayoyo (Tlacoyo) in its different varieties, this particular dish is a mini oval corn dough tortilla filled with potato, beans or peas, the latter mixed with avocado leaves and green chili, all generally ground by hand to obtain a green paste, where you can also add cheese, onion and salsa.

A typical dish that cannot be missed in the festivities of the different communities is the traditional "mole de guajolote" made with a variety of chili peppers and spices, its peculiar characteristic comes from the spiciness and flavor that is very different from the mole of the capital of Puebla.

This municipality is distinguished by its traditional smoked meats, such as sausage, ribs and chickens originating in Mazatepec and marketed by the descendants of Italian immigrants who arrived in the first half of the 19th century.

From Mexico City head towards the city of Puebla. From Pachuca or people driving from Arco Norte should head to Apizaco and then to Huamantla. The objective in both cases is to join the highway.  140 D, Puebla-Perote.

At Km 62 you must take the exit that says Teziutlán cuota, continue on this highway which is 129D, at Km 111 of this highway you will find the exit Zaragoza Cuetzalan, this is the last toll booth. 

Llegando a la ciudad de Zaragoza deberás tomar a la derecha para ir a Tlatlauquitepec y más o menos en 20 minutos habrás de llegar. 

Cost from Mexico City - $353 pesos. 3:40 hours drive.
Cost from Puebla - $172 pesos. 2 hours 10 min.
Cost from Pachuca - $415 pesos. 3 hours 10 min

By bus:

  • By bus, direct buses leave from the CAPU terminal in Puebla on the VIA Line.
    Cost: From $230 pesos
  • By direct bus from the TAPO terminal in Mexico City on the AV line.
    Cost: From $322 pesos

In the Cerro Cabezón in Tlatlauquitepec, where activities such as hiking, zip-lining or rappelling can be done, there is a Tibetan-style suspension bridge, which is one of the main extreme attractions of this magical town.

It is 150 meters long and hangs at a height of 60 meters. Due to the fact that this point is located more than 3 thousand meters above sea level, the view is spectacular and the nearby towns can be appreciated.

Due to the climate of the region, it is possible to experience the walk on the bridge with fog; this is called cloud bed.

In the downtown area of Tlatlauquitepec you can walk through its quiet historic center or do extreme sports or activities.

Get to know all its wonderful corners and be amazed by the natural, cultural and architectural richness that makes it up.

  • Zocalo de Tlatlauquitepec
  • Former Convent and Parish of Santa Maria la Asuncion
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
  • Sanctuary of the Señor de Huaxtla
  • Cerrito de Guadalupe Church
  • Traditional Weekend Market
  • Cerro Rojo Artisan's House

Cerro Cabezón

  • Suspension Bridge at Cerro Cabezón
  • Yecahzoltepec Zip Lines - Facebook
    Tepehican Cave

In the Lower Zone of Tlatlauquitepec are located tourist attractions full of natural beauty, tranquility and adrenaline. 

La Soledad Dam

  • Fireflies Festival - Web Site
  • Takiskiany - Boat Rides - Facebook
  • Quinta Reyna - Swimming Pools, Palapas and Camping - Facebook
  • Rancho El Anden – Facebook
  • Albercas La Estancia – Facebook
  • Puxtla Waterfall
  • Tenexate waterfall
  • Macuilquila Lagoon
    • Macuilquila Beach
  • Jilotepec Waterfall
  • El Papalote Tourist Center - Facebook
  • El Canal Waterfall
  • Cueva del Tigre – Facebook
  • Yolotzin Waterfall
  • Coffee Route
  • El Xonotl Ecotouristic Center - Facebook
  • Oyameles Community
    • Hiking in the Cerro de San Antonio
    • Cueva de Oyameles
  • Cueva de los Murciélagos

Where is Tlatlauquitepec Puebla located?

From Tlatlauquitepec to Other Cities

Distance in Km | Miles
Time in Hours
Puebla City
136 Km | 84 Mi
2 Horas 10 Minutos
Tlaxcala City
138 Km | 85 Mi
2 Horas
Xalapa Veracruz
147 Km | 91 Mi
2 horas 05 Minutos
Pachuca Hidalgo
240 km | 149 Mi
3 Horas 15 Minutos
Mexico City
255 km | 158 Mi
3 Horas 55 Minutos

From Tlatlauquitepec to Magical Towns

Distance in Km | Miles
Time in Hours
Cuetzalan Puebla
67 km | 42 Mi
1 Hora 55 Minutos
Tetela de O. Puebla
87 km | 54 Mi
2 Hours 45 minutes
Zozocolco Veracruz
93 km | 58 Mi
2 hours 45 minutes
Coatepec Veracruz
163 km | 101 Mi
2 Horas 32 Minutos
Chignahuapan Puebla
174 km | 108 Mi
2 Horas 30 Minutos

Official Tourism Site

Marvel at the splendor of its elegant colonial buildings, streets and flavors that live up to its nickname "City Of the Angels".

A legend is responsible for this beautiful city being known as Puebla de los Angeles.