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Casa del Alfenique Ciudad de Puebla

The Casa de Alfeñique Museum is the first museum in the State of Puebla, which opened its doors to the public on May 5, 1926.

This extraordinary house is the perfect place to learn about the history of Puebla and the daily life of colonial Puebla.

The Casa de Alfeñique Regional Museum houses a collection of 1,598 pieces in 19 exhibition rooms.

It consists of textiles, paintings, sculptures, carriages and codices, among other objects. On the first floor are the sixteenth century codices and on the mezzanine are paintings of historical figures such as Ignacio Zaragoza, Porfirio Diaz and Benito Juarez and the costume of a famous Puebla character: the China Poblana.

The upper floor represents the use of the house in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with representative areas of the time.

The Casa de Alfeñique is one of the few family buildings that still has a private chapel. Here you can admire the Morales' level of opulence: a rococo style altar, several imported glass chandeliers, blue mosaic borders, mirrors with gold leaf and oil paintings with religious themes.

The Casa de Alfeñique Museum receives more than 45,000 visitors a year, who can learn how life was lived in the home of a well-to-do family in the 17th century.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

It is called Casa de Alfeñique because of its facade richly decorated with mortar that resembles the sweet of alfeñique which was made with sugar, egg white and almonds.

The Casa de Alfeñique is a baroque style building built in 1790.

Its architectural elements were applied by Antonio de Santa María Incháurregui, commissioned by the master blacksmith Juan Ignacio Morales.

It ceased to be a dwelling house in 1896, after the departure of the family of Mr. Alejandro Ruiz Olavarrieta.

On May 5, 1926, the Casa de Alfeñique became the first Regional Museum of the State and is currently known as Museo Regional Casa de Alfeñique.

Legend tells that Ignacio Morales, a wealthy Spanish master blacksmith, fell madly in love to the point that he asked the distinguished architect Antonio Santamaría Incháurregui for a somewhat peculiar commission.

In order to dazzle his beloved, he thought of a building where he could live with her, and whose façade would remind her of a candy.

The architect did not put impediments and, inspired by the "alfeñique", a dessert made of almonds and sugar that was very popular at the time, which had been brought to the colonies from Spain, he built the "capricho" in 1790.

And indeed the decoration of the house with the white plasterwork superimposed on the red background evokes the alfeñique.

Where is the Casa de Alfeñique Museum located?

Address: Av. 4 Ote. 416, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

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