Callejón De Los Sapos (Alley of the Frogs) | What To See And Do In Puebla City

Callejón De Los Sapos (Alley of the Frogs) | What To See And Do In Puebla City

The Callejón de los Sapos is one of the most interesting and photographic neighborhoods in the City of Puebla, as well as its small square. Los Sapos is a neighborhood in the Historic Center that has become an ideal place for collectors and art lovers.


In Spanish colonial times, the waters of the San Francisco River in the City of Puebla frequently overflowed, flooding the alley of 6 Sur.

In order to make use of the river flooding, some mills were installed. So the combination of the stagnant water, the activities of the place and the puddles brought a great quantity of toads. This fact gave rise to the current name.

A beautiful fountain in the middle of the square, along with a toad is a constant reminder of old times.

This plaza was built in 1849, initially it was a bullring in the place known as the house and orchard of Chapitel. During the Reform Wars in 1856 this bullring was the victim of several attacks affecting its structure, finally it was decided to demolish it in 1867.

Today it is a very busy place, it is a traditional tour when visiting the capital of Puebla.

On Friday and Saturday nights the square is filled with music that can be enjoyed in a bar or café.

Antiques Bazaar

The market of the alley of the Frogs is a reference for those who like art, curiosities of yesteryear, a good book of old pages waiting for a faithful reader. 

You can find lots of treasures in its permanent and temporary bazaars, as in the flea market that is held there and that we can enjoy on weekends, especially on Sundays, which offers us a musical tour, if we are lucky and a musician shares his notes and a familiar drawer of memories with the flavor of childhood.

The Tianguis del Callejón de los Sapos also known as a "Mercado de Pulgas or Chácharas", where you can buy everything representative of the state at low prices every weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

The Callejón de los Sapos (Alley of the Frogs) owes its name to the fact that in colonial times, the flooding of the San Francisco River caused numerous floods on 6th Street South. Because of this, the local residents opted to give a useful use to this phenomenon, installing mills to take advantage of the natural water supply, but these activities brought with them a great proliferation of toads in the area. Translated with (free version)

In the Callejón de Los Sapos you will find shops selling handicrafts, furniture, antiques, restaurants and also cantinas.

On weekends there is a flea market where you can buy handicrafts, antiques, rare pieces, art objects, coins, rustic furniture, books, old records, collections, lamps, paintings, tools, hardware, miniatures, statuettes, toys, postcards, weapons, bells, phonographs, transistor radios, talavera, flowers and many other things in a colorful environment.

What people usually do in this place is to take pictures, lots of pictures. This place has very colorful views of the surrounding houses.

You can eat at restaurants such as Le Crapaud or Maizal, which are part of the Boutique Hotel Casona de los Sapos. Or stop by for a drink at one of its canteens.

The most representative stores are:

The store of Talavera Salazar, the Fabrica de muebles la Hacienda, the Galería los Angeles, antique store Casa de la Luna and the jewelry Manos de la Tierra

Where is the Callejon de los Sapos (Alley of the frogs) located?

Dirección: México 6, México 83, 72017 Puebla, Pue.

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Marvel at the splendor of its elegant colonial buildings, streets and flavors that live up to its nickname "City Of the Angels".

A legend is responsible for this beautiful city being known as Puebla de los Angeles.