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Parque Paseo de Gigantes en Puebla

The Paseo de Gigantes Park in Puebla is an excellent option to visit with the family, especially with children, to learn a little more about the general culture and the State of Puebla. 

Located in the City of Puebla, the so-called Paseo de Gigantes is a park where more than 30 models of different monuments and historical precincts of major relevance are exhibited.

It is located right next to the former La Constancia textile factory and is located on theyou can take the tour with your family and enjoy and learn a little more about the culture and beauty of Puebla, and what better way than accompanied by typical music of the place to achieve a unique experience.

With more than one hundred years of history, miniature parks represent a significant tourist attraction, since they allow visitors to "travel" to different destinations in the same space.

Since its inauguration in 2016, this miniature park has positioned itself as an outstanding attraction for the city of Puebla, receiving thousands of visitors a week.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Admission to the Park is free.

Parking is 15 pesos. The price is subject to change.

Right next to it is the Mexican Constancia Museum Complex. This is integrated by the following museums and activities:

  • Children's Museum
  • Vienna House of Music
  • House of Puppetry Mexican Puppets
  • Museum of Mexican Music "Rafael Tovar y de Teresa".
  • Juan C. Méndez Photo Library
  • Fonoteca Vicente Teódulo Mendoza
  • Puebla Automobile Museum

It is a project that was born from the need to create an integral space for culture.

The building has an important historical and architectural value, related to the origins of industrialization in the country.

There are more than 50 models, the most relevant of which are the following:

Maquetas del mundo:

  • La Muralla China
  • Las pirámides de Egipto
  • La Basílica de San Pedro (Italia)
  • El Coliseo (Italia)
  • La Catedral de San Basilio (Rusia)
  • La Casa Blanca (Estados Unidos)
  • El Puente de San Francisco (Estados Unidos)
  • La Puerta de Brandemburgo (Alemania)
  • La torre Eiffel (Francia)

Maquetas de México:

  • Independence Angel Roundabout
  • La Basílica de Guadalupe
  • Bellas Artes

Y las maquetas de Puebla:

  • El Museo Internacional del Barroco
  • El Teleférico de Puebla
  • El Estadio Cuauhtémoc
  • La Estrella de Puebla
  • El Auditorio Metropolitano
  • El Tren Turístico Puebla-Cholula
  • La Pirámide de Cholula

Where is the Paseo de Gigantes Park in Puebla?

Address: Constancia 9, San José las Flores, 72110 Puebla, Pue.

Facebook Parks of Puebla: FB/ParquesYJardinesPue

More Official Info: Visit Puebla

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