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Puebla Cathedral

The Cathedral of Puebla is the most outstanding monument of the city. It is annexed to the Zócalo and is the second largest cathedral in size in the country and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the Americas.

The main facade of the Cathedral of Puebla is baroque with Doric and Corinthian columns. In its decoration stand out details in villerías stone, which is a kind of quarry.

Its bell towers are almost 70 meters high, the highest in Mexico. The seats in the choir are made of fine woods, onyx and ivory of Moorish design. And the two organs were donated by Charles V .

The interior of the cathedral is a true museum of art, with superb baroque paintings, remarkable frescoes, and details of sacred art in every sculptural and goldsmith point that abound.

Sculptures with images of Saint Peter and Paul, Saint Joseph, Saint James the Greater, Saint Rose of Lima, Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Gabriel the Archangel can be seen on the façades.

The cypress (baldachin, 1797 and 1818) is a masterpiece designed by Manuel Tolsá and manufactured by the poblano José Manzo, and is known as the Altar of the Kings. This current altar replaces a baroque one by Pedro García Ferrer. It is worth mentioning that, under it, the remains of Puebla's bishops are found.

Also of interest are the 14 medallion paintings with scenes of the Stations of the Cross, attributed to Miguel Cabrera, distributed around the nave, the choir and the organs.

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The Spanish monarch ordered its construction in 1575. The temple was consecrated in 1649 although it only had half of the walls, part of the roof and the towers had not yet been built. The north tower was added in 1678 and the south tower in 1768.

In the crypt beneath the Cathedral, numerous statues of saints and onyx angels can be seen.

And under the High Altar rest several bishops of Puebla.

There are 16 chapels in total.

  • 7 Gospel chapels located on the left side of the temple.
  • 7 Epistle Chapels located on the right side of the temple
  • 2 central chapels, that of the Holy Spirit and that of the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

Gospel Chapels in the Cathedral of Puebla:

  • Capilla del Apóstol Santiago
  • Capilla de San Pedro
  • Capilla de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
  • Capilla del Sagrado Corazón de María o Capilla del Dulce Corazón de María.
  • Capilla de la Inmaculada Concepción
  • Capilla del Señor de la Preciosa Sangre
  • Capilla de San Nicolás de Bari

Epistle Chapels in the Puebla Cathedral

  • Capilla de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores
  • Capilla del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús
  • Capilla de las Santas Reliquias
  • Capilla de San Juan Nepomuceno
  • Capilla del Señor de la Columna
  • Capilla de la Sábana Santa en la Catedral de Puebla
  • Capilla de Nuestro Señor de la Soledad

  • Altar de los Reyes
  • Capilla deL Espíritu Santo
  • Capilla del Sagrario Metropolitano

Donde Se Encuentra la Catedral de Puebla

Address: C. 16 de Septiembre s/n, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

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