Serdán Brothers House Museum | Regional Museum of the Mexican Revolution

The Regional Museum of the Revolution is located in the house of the Serdán Alatriste siblings, of which Aquiles, Carmen, Natalia and Máximo were members.

In 1910 the family joined the anti-reelectionist movement led by Francisco I. Madero, who called for an armed uprising against Porfirio Díaz on November 20 of that year.

On the 18th the conspiracy was discovered by the police and the initial battle of the Maderista Revolution took place in this house.

In 1960, during the administration of President Adolfo López Mateos, the house was acquired by the Federation and transformed into a museum.

It opened its doors on November 18, 1960. As part of the celebrations of the centennial of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution (2010), the house of the Serdán brothers was restored and the museum was renovated.

Serdán Brothers House Museum | Regional Museum of the Mexican Revolution

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On the first floor of the building are distributed the recreations of the living spaces of the house such as the shoe store, the office, the dining room, the living room and the bedroom area.

In the room that Aquiles Serdán used as his bedroom, today the so-called Sala del Sacrificio (Sacrifice Room) is erected, a space in which the subway hiding place where he remained from the afternoon of November 18 until the early morning of November 19 is recreated, when he was killed by the police.

The museography of this room is completed by the bronze sculptures of the Serdán brothers: Carmen, Aquiles and Máximo; the list of the protagonists of the uprising and the recognition of the nation through the patriotic symbols: coat of arms and national flag.

The upper floor of the building consists of a series of rooms that, through objects, documents and images, describe various aspects of the Porfiriato, as well as historical topics such as the Tuxtepecan Revolution, the Diaz-Creelman interview, the 1910 elections, the anti-reelection movement and the beginnings of the conspiracy, Francisco I. Madero and the presidential succession, as well as the events leading up to November 18, without omitting the day of November 18 and the events that followed the heroic deed.

Undoubtedly the most impressive room in the museum is where the broken mirror and the walls with bullet wounds that came from the windows facing 6 Oriente Street.

In the city of Puebla, the brothers Aquiles, Máximo and Carmen Serdán prepared for the revolt called by Francisco I. Madero in the Plan de San Luis, which was to break out on November 20, 1910.

They were affiliated with the Anti-Reelectionist Party, whose main objective was to bring about a change in the presidency of the country.

In their own house they gathered all the weapons they could and formed a real arsenal. However, on November 18, two days before the outbreak of the Revolution, the chief of the Puebla police showed up and demanded to come in to search the house.

Immediately the shooting broke out and the first to fall was the chief of police. About four hundred soldiers and one hundred policemen attacked the house and managed to subdue its occupants; in the shooting, the young Máximo Serdán, younger brother, died defending himself.

After the assault, Aquiles Serdán was captured and killed. His mother, wife and sister Carmen were arrested and sent to jail. The Serdán family is included among the first martyrs of the Revolution.

Where the house of the Serdán brothers is located

Address: Av 6 Ote 206, Centro histórico de Puebla, 72000 Puebla, Pue.

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