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Lavaderos de Almoloya Ciudad de Puebla

The need for water and a place to wash originated the construction of the first public washing places. Lavaderos de Almoloya, built by 1863, after the demolition of older ones, already badly damaged.

They had a central basin that distributed the water towards 20 washing places. Its name is due to the fact that it was the location of the waterhole of Almoloya, where the day of San Juan Bautista was celebrated.

They are located in the San Francisco neighborhood. In thesewashing places the poblano women went to wash their clothes and stayed there for several hours.

Los Lavaderos de Almoloya closed in 1983, and were only open for presentations or exhibitions.

Just on the May 22, 2022 The Lavaderos were opened to the public as part of a program to rescue public assets in private hands, but were again closed due to claims that the area could collapse.

In addition, the tourist tours caused some damage to its structures, which had to be repaired by specialists. 

In this regard, the state government and the INAH concluded that the subterranean space underneath the Los Lavaderos de Almoloya, the structure, which was a drainage system for the XVI century.

If you visit this area, the tour continues with the Cirineo door that leads to the short, but deep tunnel that connects this area with the Plaza de las Trinitarias….

Once in the square, visitors can enter the ruins of what was the first Franciscan convent in Puebla. Sebastián de Aparicio

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Los Lavaderos de Almoloya are considered a historical heritage site and are located at the inside the Banyan Tree Puebla hotel on 10 Norte and 14 Oriente streets in the barrio del alto, next to the temple of San Francisco, in the city of Puebla.

No, they can only be seen from the outside.

Just on the May 22, 2022 The Lavaderos were opened to the public as part of a program to rescue public assets in private hands, but were closed again weeks later due to claims that the area could collapse.

It is name Banyan Tree, It is a luxury hotel where we recommend you to have a drink on the terrace and/or in the bar called Los Lavaderos.


Donde Se Encuentran los Lavaderos de Almoloya

Address: Cjon. de la 10 Nte., Barrio del Alto, 72290 Puebla, Pue.

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