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Jardin Magico de Atlixco

The Magic Garden of Atlixco is a place to contemplate plants, flowers and enjoy an artificial lake.

Atlixco is characterized by its variety of microclimates: temperate, warm, sub-humid and rainy. Thanks to these climatic conditions, a large number of fruits, trees, flowers and plants thrive.

This same diversity of flora has allowed Atlixco to create its own botanical garden, a place that for its decoration and atmosphere looks like a fairy tale. 

In the Magic Garden of Atlixco there are more than 40 sculptures made with plants and flowers, as well as French and Japanese style mini-gardens where you can see ingenious designs.

It also has its own labyrinth that tests the skill and strategy of visitors. Those who prefer a quieter environment can visit the orchidarium, a site dedicated to the cultivation of these beautiful plants.

Another attraction of the garden is the artificial lake, of which you can take many pictures. The same happens in the nursery area, one of the most colorful sights in Atlixco.

Inside the Magic Garden, there is a restaurant and a palleteria where visitors can take a break from the heat and the tour.

Here you can purchase any plant you have seen in the botanical garden.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

In the Magic Garden of Atlixco you will find a Botanical Garden with more than 40 sculptures made with plants and flowers and rose bushes more than 80 years old.

You will visit the French and Japanese mini-gardens and test yourself in a labyrinth and in the orchid garden and contemplate the beautiful artificial lake.

At the opposite end of the garden there is a nursery with more than 40,000 plants permanently displayed for sale as well as accessories for your garden. Ample free parking is available on site.

Basically it is a commercial center of plants, botanical garden with guided tours, typical restaurant and paleteria in Atlixco de las Flores. In addition you can eat cecina, its excellent climate and its nursery area, a road where on each side and for more than ten streets you can find all kinds of plants and accessories for your garden.

The tour can be done in 10 minutes, but as you look at each sculpture it can be extended to 25 or 30 minutes.

If you have time you can sit on a bench but there is not much else to do. There are guided tours on certain days and times.

Where to find the Magic Garden in Atlixco

Address: Carr. Atlixco - Izúcar de Matamoros 206, Ricardo Flores Magón, 74240 Atlixco, Pue.

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