Villa Iluminada Atlixco | What To See And Do In Atlixco Magical Village

Villa Iluminada Atlixco

The Villa Iluminada Atlixco is the transformation that the Magic Town undergoes during the Christmas season (approximately 40 days a year) with more than a kilometer of colorful streets and more than 2,000 figures created with bright LED lights, (these figures are handmade, as they are designed and crafted by local hands).

This setting includes Atlixco's zocalo and several blocks of buildings decorated with hundreds of lights.

In addition to the illumination, each year a gastronomic corridor is set up with several traditional and fast food options.

It's quite a popular holiday season to walk through downtown Atlixco. You will find its streets full of people walking under the lights of the street decorations and music.

We recommend arriving in the evening and leaving your car in a parking lot as these are scarce at nightfall and the spectacle of the illuminated village of Atlixco.

Since 2011 the government of Atlixco proposed an initiative to transform the magical town into an Illuminated Village, now Atlixco receives with this festival more than 300 thousand visitors during the Christmas season.

This event is FREE.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

No. Since 2020 part of the Villa Iluminada decided to change its name to Brilla Fest and moved from the streets of the historic center of Atlixco to be held in Xtremo Parque with an entrance fee.

The Villa Iluminada is the event in the center of the city of Atlixco that is free of charge.

And Brilla Fest is at Xtreme Park, has a cost per ticket and has shows and special events included with the ticket.

It is another Christmas event in Atlixco Pueblo Magico, however this one takes place at Xtreme Park, an extreme adventure park with skydiving, gotcha, electric go-karts, water ramps and zip lines located at the Atlixco Aerodrome.

Brilla fest is a light and illumination show, attendees can enjoy other attractions such as a pastorela, train, toy workshop, fireworks show, among others.

This Christmas festival Brilla Fest DOES have a cost, you can find more information here: Link

No, it is a completely free event. You will walk through more than a kilometer of lights and food and music stands in the center of Atlixco.

While the other festival, Brilla Fest, held at Xtreme Park in Atlixco, does have a cost, starting at 450 pesos per person.

The dates for the 2022 festival were October 25 to January 1, 2023.

In November the hours were Thursday to Sunday from 5:30 to 11:30 p.m., except that it opened on Monday, November 21.

In December the hours were Monday to Sunday from 5:30 to 11:30 p.m., with the exception of December 24 and 31, when it was closed.


The entrance fee depended on the package you chose to purchase, which could only be paid at OXXO or with a bank card on the website:

Costos Brilla Fest Atlixco 2022

Where La Villa Iluminada Atlixco is Celebrated

Address: Streets of Downtown Atlixco

More Official Info: Visit Puebla

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