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Murales Palacio Municipal Atlixco

The murals of the Municipal Palace of Atlixco tell the different important moments in the history of Atlixco Puebla.

The Murals of the Municipal Palace

The artist in charge of most of these murals is Juan Manuel Martínez Caltenco, an Atlixquense muralist who has perfectly captured the history of the town on the walls of this precinct.

  • Atlixco: history, customs and traditions
  • Representation of the Cosmos
  • Reform Laws
  • Illustrious Men of Atlixco
  • Worker-Union Struggle
  • The Legend of the Volcanoes
  • Mystical story of the Gods
  • Illuminated Villa
  • Atlixco: Magical Town
  • 50 years of Huey Atlixcáyotl


Visiting it will not take you much time but you will want to take lots of pictures of all the details of these beautiful works.

In addition to the architecture and history of this place, it is also very visited when the Villa Iluminada takes place, since it is part of the tour and the decoration changes year after year.

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He is a renowned muralist of the Magic Town of Atlixco in Puebla and his work is exhibited on the walls of the Municipal Palace, as well as in Casa de Cultura, the library of Atlixco among other spaces that tell us about the life of the municipality and its emblematic corners.

Their most representative work is the wide stairs in Atlixco, where they painted a huge mural of La China and the standing charro, representative characters of the magic town's folklore, during their participation in September with the Atlixcáyotl and the Huey Atlixcáyotl.

It is worth mentioning that Martínez Caltenco, has highlighted in his works that has left a narrative based on images that represents Atlixco with its Magical Town designation, in which he admires the identity of the municipality through its gastronomic richness, civil and religious architecture, natural points, tourist attractions and activities, public buildings and traditions, in order to promote the identity of these spaces.

The Municipal Palace of Atlixco is a construction of the XVII-XIX century and was inaugurated in 1908 by Ignacio Machorro. On its façade you can appreciate the coat of arms of the Villa de Carrión founded in 1579.

The building was remodeled and inaugurated on the 50th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution by President Adolfo López Mateos.

Its interior will surprise you with its wonderful and striking murals that tell very important historical facts about Atlixco.

There were 12 murals in total but 3 were damaged by the strong earthquake of September 19, 2017 and by the reconstruction works of the building.

Where the murals are located Municipal Palace of Atlixco

Address: De Armas Constitución, Centro, 74200 Atlixco, Pue.

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