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Arboterra by Africam Safari Puebla

Within the Mexican Revolution Ecological Park in the city of Puebla is the Secret World of Arboterra by Africam Safari, which is a conservation space for families.

In Arboterra you will live a total immersion in nature. To achieve this, Arboterra presents the story of five arbonauts who discover a magical world and share it with each person.

One of the park's attractions is the ascent and descent of the great tree. interactive 25 meters high, and it also has 1,200 animals of 50 different species of animals. birds that are free in the area.

At the roots of the interactive tree, you can play with typography, create rain and enjoy a fun creative experience.

The visit to this magical world is completed with the merchant port (souvenir area) and a restaurant called La Balsa and El Kraken where you can enjoy exquisite dishes inspired by the arbonauts.

The Secret World of Arboterra is managed by Africam Safari and was opened in 2017. This was a remodeling of the former aviary, which was converted into a conservation and interactive project.

The Portal to Arboterra is open from Wednesday to Monday, from 12:30 to 5:00 pm.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

More than an aviary. It is an animal conservation theme park and part of the company Africam Safari, although located in the Parque Ecológico Revolución Mexicana.

Arboterra passionately protects nature. Creating meaningful emotions that inspire present and future generations to love and respect the planet.

The Arcane Talismans are 5 powerful rocks, imbued with the power of the Arcane Tree, which give their owners fantastic and superhuman abilities.

  • The Feather gives the ability to fly like birds.
  • Opal allows bending the properties of light.
  • The acorn confers the ability to control plants.
  • Sea water allows its possessor to turn his body into water, and to control aquatic animals.
  • The fossil arachnid grants elemental control of the earth and size change at will.

Their full capabilities are not yet known, only that they are objects of incredible power.

Where to Find Arboterra by Africam Safari

Address: Av 35 Ote 2403, Sta Mónica, 72540 Puebla, Pue.

Sitio Web Oficial de Arboterra by Africam Safari:

More Official Info: Visit Puebla

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