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Templo de San Francisco Puebla

The Temple of San Francisco, also a former Franciscan convent, was the first convent established in Puebla and where the incorrupt body of Blessed Fray Sebastian de Aparicio is venerated.

This Franciscan convent is linked to the origins of the city. Fray Toribio de Benavente, was the one who officiated the mass of its foundation on April 16, 1531.

Its construction was completed in 1585; however, like all churches, it underwent several architectural and artistic reforms that modified its original appearance.

During the 18th century, a project was undertaken to reform the façade with quarry stone, red brick and tile, with a design similar to that of the wooden altarpieces in the interior of the churches.

White glazed earthenware panels, known as Talavera poblana, were combined with red brick. Each one of them presents vases with polychrome flower bouquets, branches and leaves, as a symbol of the Immaculate Conception, protector of the diocese of Puebla.

Three canvases with a Franciscan theme are preserved on the walls. The first one represents "The fruits of the seraphic religion" as the cartouche in the lower left corner of the work refers.

The second represents the first twelve Franciscans who arrived in New Spain to preach and spread the word of Christ.

The third canvas is the most dramatic and has as its theme "The Martyrs of Gorkum", which represents the martyrdom of 19 friars.

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The temple of a single nave was built between 1743 and 1767 by the architect José Buitrago. Its facade is of Churrigueresque style, made of quarry stone, brick and tile.

The towers were designed by the Dominican lay father José Antonio, who continued the work in quarry, adapting the bells and finishing it in 1767.

It is the Temple of San Francisco. The Franciscans were the ones who founded the city of Puebla and that is why this is the first temple and convent that existed in the city.

The curious façade is a clear manifestation of Puebla's baroque style, a colorful style where the combination of stonework and Talavera was the norm.

Inside one of the chapels of the temple of San Francisco is the body of Blessed Fray Sebastián de Aparicio.

He is the patron saint of drivers, as he used to go with his carts loaded with firewood, since his trade was that of a cart driver.

According to some legends, the life of Sebastián de Aparicio was always full of miracles.

It is said that when he was a newborn he contracted a disease during an epidemic and his mother abandoned him outside the city; he was rescued by a she-wolf that bit him, causing him to bleed and miraculously cured him.

After being widowed twice, he decided to take the Franciscan habit at the age of 71. After proving his vocation, he was accepted into the friary in Mexico and from there sent to Tecali and Puebla.

During his life as a friar, he dedicated himself to collecting alms to support his brothers. On February 20, 1600, he died in the church of San Francisco de Puebla.

After his death, when the foundations of the chapel of the Conqueror Virgin were laid, his incorrupt body was found and placed on a table to be venerated by the faithful. This led to the removal of fingers, skin and even his head being stolen in order to obtain relics.

The head was recovered in poor condition, so it was covered with a wax mask.

After his beatification in 1789, public worship was allowed and his remains were placed in the urn that is still preserved today.

Where the Temple of San Francisco is located

Address: Av 14 Ote 1009, Barrio del Alto, 72290 Puebla, Pue.

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